One of the basic fundamental principles of our work is the complex approach to the use of business logistical system in the company. The company successfully applies (uses) for the long time a complex of logistical actions at the international level which include transport, purchasing logistics and sale logistics. We offer the full, well-adjusted and balanced set of the services, allowing carrying out delivery of cargoes to destination, with carrying out of all necessary accompanying operations and with the least possible expenses. Carried out by us local and international transport logistics deliveries of cargoes includes delivery of cargoes from/in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy. Our experience allows us to provide qualitative delivery of any cargoes during in the shortest possible time. For acceleration of accompanying operations we use our own customs warehouse, which we plan to enlarge in the near future. The company has all necessary permissions, and also the transport licence for local and international transportations.