Industry news - International non-proprietary name for prescriptions

Published: 02.04.2020
In order to improve the availability of medicines and reduce the costs of medicines for patients, on April 1st, 2020, new regulation will come into force in Latvia, where new principles of prescribing reimbursement medications are introduced. Within the framework of 70% of List A reimbursable medicines from now on will be prescribed with an international non-proprietary name (INN) or active ingredient of a medicinal product. Prescribing the INN  and the use of lower-priced medicines of equivalent effectiveness in European countries is not a new practice, for example, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Sweden already have similar models that promote the rational use of medicines. It is an opportunity for patients to receive medicines of the same effectiveness at lower prices. It will still be possible to indicate the name of a specific medicine in the prescription if there is a therapeutic justification for it.
BRIZ Pharmacovigilance department specialists reminds that both patients and healthcare professionals must report adverse drug reactions and lack of effect to the State Agency of Medicines or the marketing authorization holder of the medicine.